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Olivia Santelli

Olivia Santelli

Media Producer      Entrepreneur      Model 

Olivia is a recent graduate from Michigan State University with her degree in Journalism minor in Broadcast and a focus in Sports Communication. She is currently a Production Assistant for Cubs Productions as well as a Freelance Business Owner, Podcast Host and Pilates Instructor.

Olivia is a detail-oriented creative with experience in written, social, live-production & video media. A strong communicator who is skilled at working in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments and has a passion for creating content backed with purpose.

Prior to graduation she was a production intern for Big Ten Network on Michigan States campus, a Reporter for Focal Point News and a Multimedia Journalist for Spartan Sports Report. Starting her freshman year she was the Vice President of Community Relations for the Beta Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi and following that was the Chapter President through the start of the Covid-pandemic.

In her free time she models for companies across the U.S, sits for hours on end in coffee shops, reads and loves to explore the outdoors!



I always knew I wanted to do something big, I wanted and still want to follow a career path that can help me make a difference in the world. At first it was actress, then it was hockey player, then activist, environmental documentary producer, and model but after realizing that my passions spread far beyond one career path, I decided that I would combine as possible into one. 


That realization led me to purse broadcast journalism with a focus on sports reporting, allowing me to combine my passion for sports and acting/ being on camera. As soon as I got to Michigan State, I made sure to get involved in clubs/programs to feed all of my life goals.


I entered college with 17 credits completed in high school, this allowed me the freedom to take classes that I am genuinely interested in beyond my major courses. I have explored environmental sustainability, documentary making, fashion design, sports history, and women’s literature. All of which I see being a part of my life in some way beyond my major driven career goals. It also gave me the opportunity to graduate a semester early in December of 2021.


As far as college goes, Michigan States Journalism program only confirmed and expanded my interest in storytelling. Through my involvement with Spartan Sports Report, I learned how to write for news, anchor, technical direct, shoot and edit sports highlights. Working for Big Ten Network I learned all of the aspects that go into a sports broadcast, the behind the scenes in the control room, running a camera, color analyzing and being in front of the camera as a sideline reporter. While Focal Point taught me about being an all-around reporter, about finding the human aspect to every story, about creating news packages, teamwork and the importance of deadlines. 


Post Grad, I found myself back in my home town Chicago working in Video Production for the Chicago Cubs. This past year has solidified the fact that no matter where I am in my career, I will always strive to grow, try new thing and explore what brings me joy. In February, I took my first trip out of the country, to Guatemala, as a storyteller on a mission to teach women and men how to start businesses for themselves. In August, I started the certification process to teach Pilates. In September, I started a Podcast called Growing Pains where I open up the conversation about growing through the Ups and Downs of life.  

I intend on continuing to tell stories from all over the world in effort to promote a more empathetic culture by sharing people’s points of view, ways of living, and cultural/environmental practices. Through Growing Pains & Pilates I hope to teach others how to connect deeper to their mind and body, so that we may all then connect deeper to each other and the world around us. 

My dedication to learning, growing, and my determination to complete anything and everything I set my mind to is what drives my ambition to tackle an array of projects. 

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